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Hevi Spec

A comprehensive suite of tools for truck and trailer design

to maximize freight transport productivity and safety

Hevi Spec provides a comprehensive suite of tools for truck and trailer design incorporating payload optimization and Performance-Based Standards assessment.

Core Features

Design & Configure
  • Vehicle Builder allowing virtually any configuration of Truck, Trailer, Bus or Special Purpose Vehicle
  • Up to 10 trailing units and 7-axles per unit
  • Active or passive steerable axles
  • Wide single, dual or row or row-of-eight tyres
Performance Assessment
  • PBS Tier 1 Bridge Formula
  • D-value Calculator
  • Low-speed manoeuvring
  • Rollover Threshold
  • Driveline Performance
  • High Speed Stability
Optimize Payload
  • Automatically specify axle weights based on country, region and regulatory weight scheme
  • Customize weight limits for non-standard of off-highway
  • Add equipment and see impact on weight distribution
  • Intelligent payload optimization tools to quickly determine optimum payload position
Layout Drawing
  • Quick and easy As-built or Proposal Drawings
  • Easy dimension and view control – Show/hide or Drag & Drop
  • Customizable Title block and company logo
  • Color or wireframe view
  • Custom notes and stamps
  • Export to PDF (A3 & A4)


Helping our clients to achieve innovation and breakthrough in the transport engineering industry

“The Tiger Spider web portal is an innovative, intuitive and easy to use tool. It’s an absolute must-have for any serious player in the PBS space.”

Mr. Ben Blasetti B.Eng (Mech)

PBS Vehicle Design Specialist

“Tiger Spider’s Hevi Spec Advanced helps Hendrickson design and develop better performing suspensions and to optimise suspension solutions to best achieve customer requirements. Hevi Spec online is easy to use and allows us to quickly assess suspensions performance in any truck and trailer combination, and with UM Multi-Body Dynamics/FEM we’ve taken our simulation capability to the next level. We can now combine CAD, FEA, MBD and FEM to keep us further ahead in developing best in class axles and suspensions for the demanding Australian market.”

Mr. Luke Callaway B.Eng (Mech)

Executive Manager, Engineering at Hendrickson Asia Pacific

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A powerful product for transport operators, manufacturers and OEMs to improve vehicle design and generate industrial drawings.