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Hevi Spec

A comprehensive suite of tools for truck and trailer design

to maximize freight transport productivity and safety

Hevi Spec provides a comprehensive suite of tools for truck and trailer design incorporating payload optimization and Performance-Based Standards assessment.

Core Features

Design & Configure
  • Vehicle Builder allowing virtually any configuration of Truck, Trailer, Bus or Special Purpose Vehicle
  • Up to 10 trailing units and 7-axles per unit
  • Active or passive steerable axles
  • Wide single, dual or row or row-of-eight tyres
Performance Assessment
  • PBS Tier 1 Bridge Formula
  • D-value Calculator
  • Low-speed manoeuvring
  • Rollover Threshold
  • Driveline Performance
  • High Speed Stability
Optimize Payload
  • Automatically specify axle weights based on country, region and regulatory weight scheme
  • Customize weight limits for non-standard of off-highway
  • Add equipment and see impact on weight distribution
  • Intelligent payload optimization tools to quickly determine optimum payload position
Layout Drawing
  • Quick and easy As-built or Proposal Drawings
  • Easy dimension and view control – Show/hide or Drag & Drop
  • Customizable Title block and company logo
  • Color or wireframe view
  • Custom notes and stamps
  • Export to PDF (A3 & A4)

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A powerful product for transport operators, manufacturers and OEMs to improve vehicle design and generate industrial drawings.