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A cloud-based digital replica of truck and trailers facilitates data-driven

decisions for optimizing: payloads, asset utilization, compliance, and procurement activities.

Heavy Vehicle Fleet

A Digital Twin of Your


A cloud-based digital replica of trucks and trailers facilitates data-driven decisions for optimizing: payloads, asset utilization, compliance and procurement activities.

What is Fleet Form?

Fleet Form is a comprehensive cloud-based heavy vehicle asset management solution that allows medium to large-sized fleets to better manage their truck and trailer assets.

With a digital twin, operators can quickly assemble new combinations, complete desktop route surveys, determine payloads and check mass and dimension compliance against regulatory or permit requirements.

This ensures new equipment purchases are optimally compatible with the existing fleet for rapid deployment into new transport tasks.


  • Digital Twin: A digital certification record for each truck or trailer asset stores detailed technical information about each vehicle, which can then be used for technical analysis
  • Payload Optimization: Store tare weights and dimensions to plan optimal payload placement
  • Custom Templates and Dashboards: Custom data fields allow for easy search and data analytics. Large file attachments allow CAD data, design drawings, photos, and compliance records to be stored with the digital asset record
  • Layout Drawings: Generate quick, dimensioned layout drawings for customer proposals or road access applications
  • Swept Path Analysis – Spider Path: With the Spider Pathâ„¢ add-on, users can quickly generate swept path drawings over a satellite map image
  • Cloud-Based Web Application: Fleet Form is a cross-platform, scalable web application accessible online. It uses Microsoft Azure cloud services so you need not worry about IT infrastructure, installation or updates

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A powerful software for transport operators to optimize their vehicle assets for multiple freight transport contracts.