Helping clients gain safer and more productive freight transport solutions through PBS

When Performance Matters

Helping clients gain safer and more productive freight transport solutions through PBS

When Performance Matters

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Tiger Spider was founded with the aim of contributing to the vision of: An efficient and profitable freight transport system that generates no deaths or serious injuries and is environmentally sustainable.

What is PBS?

PBS is a regulatory scheme that aims to improve road transport safety, productivity and sustainability, which means safer roads, greater payloads,  decreased emission and a healthier bottom line.

What we do

Tiger Spider facilitates the development of innovative road freight solutions through the PBS scheme. We offer an end to end service including: concept development, options analysis, feasibility analysis, detailed design, performance assessment, in-principle support, certification, standards exemptions and access permits.

Join the growing list of businesses realising the benefits of partnering with Tiger Spider to achieve PBS success. Whether you’re a trailer/body builder or a transport operator, if you haven’t properly explored the benefits of PBS, you may lose the opportunity to unlock your business potential

Why work with Tiger Spider

PBS is complex, this is why Tiger Spider is here to help. We are PBS experts that can help you simplify PBS and provide advice based on your interest, map out a plan at your pace, and do what is required to get your vehicle on the road swiftly.

PBS Process Overview

  • PBS Vehicle Approval: We have a process from Vehicle Assessment to PBS Design Approval, where accredited PBS assessors can simulate your proposed vehicle to confirm if it will pass the PBS standards.
  • PBS Certification: We work with certifiers and have an in-house certifier to alleviate issues associated with any specifications that differ from the design approval.
  • Road Access Approval: We offer advice and feasibility assessments to determine road access routes and application for in-principle access approvals before you start building your vehicle.
  • Access Permit: Once the PBS vehicle approval is received and the PBS road access approval is received, we can act on your behalf and apply for a permit.

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