Delivering professional transport consultancy services in the HEV field

Heavy Electric Vehicles

Delivering professional transport consultancy services in the HEV field

Heavy Electric Vehicles

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Tiger Spider provides technical specification and evaluation consultancy for heavy electric vehicle design and electrical charging infrastructure requirements, we have leading experts in the field to ensure robust performance of electric vehicles.

What we do

Tiger Spider has the tools and experience to effectively evaluate new suppliers and technologies to minimize risk and develop optimal solutions for a given transport task.

Transport companies face many challenges when considering adding electric vehicles to their fleet. Existing technical specifications, safety standards and performance metrics need to be reviewed to account for and effectively evaluate the different technologies and strategies available.

How can we help

We are independent and technology-neutral so only focus on the best solution for the transport task, no matter the technology or system requirements.

Transition to Heavy Electric Vehicles requires a systems approach that must consider the transport task, charging strategies, energy costs, vehicle technologies, charging infrastructure, maintenance, and end-of-life.

Our knowledge and experience of the latest technologies, knowing the right questions to ask and our advanced computer modelling software enables us to help you understand the best approach for your fleet.

Heavy electric vehicles require a new approach to energy management. There is no one-size-fits-all approach- each transport task needs the appropriate technology charging strategy and associated vehicle and infrastructure technologies.

Battery chemistry, electric motors, controllers, size and weight, charger performance, interfaces, and electricity costs are all important considerations that need to be evaluated and assessed for given freight tasks.

How do we implement it

Deploying heavy vehicle electric vehicles requires a new approach to many aspects running a transport fleet. Driver training, safety, charging protocols, depot and workshop requirements, maintenance procedures, vehicle recovery and road-side assistance are all issues that need to be planned for and addressed. We can help you understand the required policies and procedures required and best practices before investing in an electric vehicle fleet.

Why work with Tiger Spider

Vehicle safety standards and compliance are our core competence. We can not only help you understand legal requirements and get the necessary on-road approvals, we work closely with regulators and road managers to help shape a new sustainable transport system.

Whether you wanting to build or import a new electric vehicle or retrofit an electric powertrain into an existing vehicle, we can help you get it on the road.

Our experience with Australian Design Rules (ADR), Performance Based Standards (PBS), Over Size Over Mass (OSOM), Bus and Coaches and Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) means we can also help alleviate the size and weight challenges associated with heavy electric vehicles.

We are a registered test facility with extensive component and vehicle testing including laboratory tests, dynamo meter, proving ground, on-road and in-service safety and performance testing.

We have established sustainable partnership with numerous clients in the EV field ranging from big brand truck OEMs to electric vehicle component manufacturers & suppliers.

Recently, we have been engaged by Brisbane City Council to provide technical consultancy for the Electric Metro Vehicle Project in Brisbane City.

What we deliver

We provide technical consultancy for electric vehicle requirements:

  • Tender evaluation for electric vehicle suppliers (diesel/electric)
  • Access for oversize non-standard electric vehicles,
  • Homologation requirements for bi-articulated EV vehicles
  • Specification of electric vehicle performance requirements
  • Specification of electrical charging infrastructure requirements
  • Electric vehicle maintenance
  • Depot garage facility requirements