With a passion built upon creative thinking

The leading PBS engineering service provider

With a passion built upon creative thinking

The leading PBS engineering service provider

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Tiger Spider facilitates the development of innovative road freight solutions through the PBS scheme. We offer an end to end service and work with clients from concept development to permit approval. The major transport operators and trailer OEMs trust us to ensure their PBS success..


Tiger Spider allows your vehicle to be assessed through a process of Vehicle Assessment and PBS Design Approval, where accredited PBS assessors simulate your proposed vehicle to confirm if it will pass the PBS standards. These vehicles are assessed under the PBS scheme..

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Tiger Spider is delighted to announce that Brendan Coleman is now an accredited PBS Certifier. We provide certification and testing to all Australian suppliers. Our Certifier can advise on any issues identified with the specification to ensure that it is built as per the Design Approval..

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Tiger Spider offers advice and feasibility assessments to determine road access routes and application for in-principle access approvals before you start building your vehicle. Once the consent has been provided the NHVR will notify the Operator and the permit..

PBS Networks and Levels

Tiger Spider has their own per-approved PBS Blueprint Design Approval Licenses with relevant PBS networks to gain access which allows your vehicles safety performance linked to a road network. These networks are classified into four levels, where the General Access limits..

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Tiger Spider provides specialist engineering consultancy services for the certification of new and existing vehicles for road use and has developed its own data logging and instrumentation technology to record vehicle system data (analogue, digital and CAN) in real time..

Tiger Spider provides technical consultancy for electric vehicle design and electrical charging infrastructure requirements. We have leading experts in the field to ensure the robust and sustainable performance of electric vehicles. We have established partnerships with numerous clients in the EV field..


Tiger Spider’s Training ranges from PBS fundamentals to Regulation/Standards overviews, where the modules are targeted at a broad range of heavy vehicle transport industry participants and span from entry-level industry induction sessions to advanced engineering training. We customise the training..