NHVR Extends Pre-Advised PBS Design Approvals

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NHVR Extends Pre-Advised PBS Design Approvals



The NHVR is required by law to consult with state road manager representatives on all PBS design approvals through the PBS Review Panel (PRP). However, the PRP has agreed that the NHVR can process Pre-Advised (PA) designs without consulting the Panel. This can reduce processing times by up to 6-weeks.


On the 18th of June, the NHVR has published and extension for the Pre-Advised Design Approval process, that incorporates vehicles up to 101 tonnes Gross Combination Mass (GCM).

Pre-Advised – 101 tonne HML A-double


OAL length bracket

Previously, to be eligible for an approval under the PA process, a combination’s overall length was limited to the maximum length prescribed by the PBS Network Classification Guidelines for the specified PBS level. This constraint has now been removed from the PA process for all levels and combinations.

This means that PBS Level 2 30.6 m A-doubles which are relative common in Victoria will not get held up going to the PRP.

The X-Y Rule

For the following combinations: 6-axle dog trailer, B-double (3-3), B-double (4-3), and B-double (4-4) the requirement to comply with the X-Y Rule had been removed. This means they are now eligible for an approval under the streamlined PA process.

Maximum steer axle mass

Increase the maximum steer axle mass for A-double combinations to 7.1 t in line with the Heavy Vehicle (Mass, Dimension and Loading) National Regulation. For this the section width of the steer tyres must be at least 375mm.


Table 1: Summary of Pre-Advised designs and maximum GCM’s