ARTSA Institute Advisory Board welcomes Marcus Coleman

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ARTSA Institute Advisory Board welcomes Marcus Coleman



Tiger Spider’s Managing Director Marcus Coleman has now joined the ARTSA Institute Advisory Board after serving on the ARTSA Executive since 2012.


The move from the ARTSA-i Executive to the Advisory Board allows Marcus to focus more time on other projects whilst staying connected with ARTSA-i at a more strategic level.

The purpose of the ARTSA-i Advisory Board is to:

  • Shape the strategic direction of the Institute
  • Advocate for the institute and engage with policy makers
  • Influence the direction of research
  • Provide unbiased insights
  • Act as a mentor to ARTSA-i project leaders

The ARTSA Institute (ARTSA-i), formerly known as the Australian Road Transport Suppliers Association undertakes collaborative independent research in the domain of heavy vehicle transport. The research informs future policies relevant to the heavy vehicle industry. ARTSA-i also provides the Australian Heavy Vehicle transport industry data and analytics.

ARTSA-i is engaged in various projects like analysis of the uptake of PBS vehicles, a brake calculator for accessing compliance with ADRs, heavy vehicle replacement parts and developing quarterly heavy vehicle reports.

Marcus along with the team at ARTSA-i are focused on taking up challenges that deal with training the next generation of leaders, making informed proposals and forming research partnerships in the industry.

“I look forward to moving onto the Advisory Board and helping ARTSA-i evolve into a forward thinking research organization that will shape a better future for transport and help deal with the major challenges faced by the heavy vehicle industry. Working on the ARTSA Executive has been a great experience and I deeply value the friendships and connections built over the years – the future is exciting for ARTSA-i.” – Marcus Coleman.

Tiger Spider congratulates Marcus Coleman for joining ARTSA-i and wishes him all the best!