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Creating A Safer, More Productive And Sustainable
Road Freight Transport System

Our aim is to minimise the potential for accidents and serious injuries for operators of large road vehicles. We also work towards continuous productivity improvements and environmental sustainability. Tiger Spider provides our customers with opportunities to leverage better technology by removing technical, regulatory and economic obstacles. With deep industry knowledge and experience, we anticipate and meet the needs of an increasingly competitive marketplace.


Tiger Spider was founded with the aim of contributing to an efficient and profitable freight transport system that is safe and environmentally sustainable. We offer end to end road freight solutions through the PBS scheme including: feasibility studies, vehicle assessment, design approval, assessors and certifiers, road access approval, in-principle support, network access and levels for PBS vehicles.


Tiger Spider prides itself on listening to all parties and crafting balanced solutions that progressively improve transport safety, productivity and environmental outcomes. We facilitate the development of better transport policy through our deep understanding of the technologies, regulatory frameworks and commercial realities that underpin the Australian transport industry.


Tiger Spider’s capabilities include a broad range of numerical modelling and analysis techniques for commercial vehicle engineering. We have developed two Software products: Hevi Spec and Spider Path with Nearmap to streamline the assessment of vehicle dynamics. Our web-portal has a centralised database of equipment options, technical information and analytical tools to enhance your vehicle performance.

Let's deliver the right freight transport solution for your business.

How can we help

Tiger Spider provides training courses ranging from PBS fundamentals to Regulation/Standards overviews and specialising in basic to advanced computer simulation software for Multi-Body vehicle dynamics.

Our training packages ensure software users get the most out of their investment while learners quickly develop practical skills focused to meet business needs. We run online interactive training for individuals and groups. We customise our training packages to the needs of your business and employee skill level.

Frequently asked Questions

We are a transport engineering and software consultancy that specialises in heavy commercial and high productivity freight vehicles, electric vehicles, buses and special purpose vehicles. Our team has extensive experience related to heavy vehicle safety research, policy development, PBS, Certification, computer simulation, vehicle standards, electric vehicles, testing and road access. The team brings experience and capacity to deliver technical projects for the public and private sectors.

We mix innovation and efficiency with professionalism, to help our clients bring forward their freight transport vision and goals.

With our Softwares; Hevi Spec and Spider Path, users can now easily share our expertise and assess high productivity freight vehicles and to optimize their fleet assets.

Our Clients

No matter how complex your transport task is, we have the capability and the experience to deliver answers.

Our Success Stories


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